Strategic Goal Setting and Planning
– City or Department

Establish long-range goals (5-years) to be achieved and direction to be taken to accomplish those goals. Come to a consensus on targets to be achieved within a year and the actions needed to achieve each target.

Leadership Development
– Develop Skills to Lead a City or Department

Through personal interviews and departmental worksheets, gain background on the city or department, learn about the operations, identify and discuss a vision for the future and focus on key topics for the workshop.

Building Effective Teams
– Governance, Executive or Management

Identify specific actions that will enhance effectiveness and teamwork. Understand individuality and how to build the relationship between individuals and working entities.

Community/Citizen Summit
– Involvement of Stakeholders

Facilitate a public forum where the City Manager and City Council invite the public to get their input for the strategic planning process. The Summit is generally done prior to establishing annual goals.

Annual Goal Setting for Elected Officials

Establish goals that are a guide for the future. Define the outcomes for the community, the meaning to the citizens, and what challenges and opportunities are created by each goal. Define the priority of importance and measures (benchmarks) of success

Management or Employee Effectiveness
– Evaluation and Development Program

Define roles and responsibilities for a framework for working together. Develop action plans for enhanced effectiveness by establishing goals, an action agenda and a mission statement.




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